Throughout the world, English is the unifying language that overcomes communication barriers. More and more people are using English for work and study, so students with a record of achievement in English will be able to gain access to a wider world. By enabling our students to communicate well in English, we can open up a world of opportunity.

Children are exposed to our English Syllabus from age 6 to 18. Since we believe students incorporate concepts and structures in their own particular way and at their individual pace we use different methodologies, activities, techniques and contexts to create a wide, dynamic and systematic syllabus which takes into account the students and their needs as well as different learning strategies leading to the acquisition of linguistic skills, which are integrated throughout the curriculum with a multi cultural perspective.



Our school gives our pupils the opportunity of certifying their knowledge through an external assessment as prestigious as the one provided by the worldwide famous University of Cambridge. Pupils from both primary and secondary school sit for different exams according to their level of performance and we are proud to say that their results are really satisfactory and that the majority of our pupils decide to sit for these exams with the support of their families. Besides, our pupils have the advantage of sitting for the exams at our own school as we are venue for all the different stages. The following are the international examinations our school caters for:

Starters (1st Level) Cambridge Young Learners 3rd Form
Flyers (3rd Level) Cambridge Young Learners 5th Form
Preliminary English Test (PET), Cambridge University 7th grade
First Certificate in English (FCE), Cambridge University 3rd/4th year
International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE),
Cambridge University
4th/5th year

Needless to say, our priority is to prepare our pupils for their future life as university students and valuable workers. Evidence shows that we are attaining our goal when our former pupils come to visit us, as they often do, and let us know how well they are doing thanks to their preparation.
Nothing could make us happier and prouder. Nothing could be a better motivation to keep on doing our best in our pupils’ interests.